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Fette biscottate suji perdita di peso


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    Depending on factors such as constitution and exercise Ibérico Ham and Wine Diet Good for your taste, good for your heart. This diet has been created by Doctor Rubén Bravo, naturopathic doctor. I does not intend to replace the advice and indications of your physicians.

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    If you are taking any medicine or receiving any medical treatment please consult your doctor before going on the Ham and Wine diet and follow the prescriptions of your doctor. It is forbidden to drink red wine as it is an alcoholic beverage and you are conducting any activity that requires maximum alert as heavy machinery driving or any other physical or intellectual activity that can endanger your life or the lives of others.

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    Please remember that in most traffic accidents alcoholic intoxication is the principal cause of them or plays an important role as a main Fette biscottate suji perdita di peso. Powerful Cardiovascular Protection It Fette biscottate suji perdita di peso the risk of coronary disease as it lowers the LDL cholesterol Bad Cholesterol and improves the production of high density lipoproteins Good Cholesterol.

    On the other hand it prevents Atherosclerosis as it strengthens the concentration of nitric oxide which is fundamental to regulate the blood pressure. Decreases risk of death in many diseases Thanks to its powerful polyphenols and the antioxidant effects of the tannins and the Resveratrol.

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    Thrombosis Wine also offers some beneficial properties against thrombosis and anticoagulant, as it lowers the fibrinogen levels which cause the blood clouts. It helps dream activity and deeper rest. The moderate ingestion of wine and food, will lower lightly our blood pressure and our nervous system, causing sleepiness and relaxation, very suitable for distressed people or suffering from insomnia.

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    Great Neuroprotector It helps our brain lowering the risk of suffering degenerative cognitive diseases like Alzheimer or Dementia Lowers significantly cholesterol and triglycerides This is stated on a study made by Professor José E. Campillo of Medicine School at the Extremadura University, made on a closed population with grs ham daily consumption. Excellent source of nutrients Iberico ham offers both high biological value proteins and high levels of B vitamins and iron, which makes it a perfect food to maintain muscle mass while you are on a diet without losing essential amino acids.

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