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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 9, Verified Purchase Ok so over winter break I went to south america for a month to see my family, and the food there is amazing, plus it was summer and I didn't have access to a gym there.

So as expected I gained a lot of weight and when I came back I felt bloated and just gross in general.

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So I remembered hearing about these types of cleansing teas from celebrities and whatnot and I decided to give it a try. I did a lot of research because I don't really trust these things and there's so many detox Effet du fat burner out there now, so I went to someone's instagram who I remembered had posted something about a tea and then googled it.

Somehow I ended up finding this tea and I liked that it wasn't ridiculously overpriced like a lot of the other brands. I started drinking the tea almost 2 weeks ago.

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Here's what I think: taste: i actually really liked the taste, i don't put anything in my tea but it still was kinda sweet, which is nice does it work? I wasn't expecting a huge change but I was determined to detox and I started going to the gym regularly again and stopped overeating.

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It was probably the mix of all those things but I lost like 5 pounds on the first week. But the best Effet du fat burner all: I'm not bloated anymore.

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The tea definitely gets rid of the bloating. It does make you go to the bathroom a lot and I've been drinking water like crazy.


For people who also take meds that dehydrate you i take meds for ADD and those make you super thirstykeep a bottle of water near you at all times. I'm not kidding, my water bottle and I have been inseparable, which I guess in a way is good because I wasn't drinking enough water before. What I also noticed is that I do feel lighter in general, before I felt kinda dirty inside, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

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I also noticed that I haven't been breaking out, not even when I got my period, which I am super happy about. So, to conclude my review, I guess all I have to say is if you're looking for a cleansing,far burning tea this one definitely works and hasn't caused me any major issues.

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